Q’s From 20,000 Feet

How do I get started?

How does it work?

  1. Submit your logos
  2. Judges panel review
  3. Get awards and recognition

What makes Logo Wave so special?

We offer passionate designers from all walks of life a way to deepen the value of their logo design portfolio and as a result, positively impact their career.

The massive digital prize pack and recognition you will receive from a small entry fee is a true investment for your design career. No more waiting the entire year to find out if you are a winner. With multiple Wave Winners throughout the year, and 50 max designers competing in each Wave, there are more chances for you to be crowned the a Wave Winner.

How much is each logo entry?

We give you a jaw-dropping $12/logo entry!

How do you keep the price so low?

We feel designers from all walks of life deserves a chance to get their logo design work out there in the open. Keeping each logo entry at $12 is affordable enough to give everyone a shot at a Wave title.

Who are the judges?

Jacob Cass, Ian Paget (aka Logo Geek), Nadir Balcikli and Kyle Courtright make up the Logo Wave judges panel.

What are the panel of judges looking for?

To be wowed! The criteria of our review is based around an iconic, innovative, and intuitively inspirational logo design. Other important aspects we will be looking for is scalability, memorability, recognizably, timelessness and relevance.

Do I need to be a pro?

No way! And really, that’s the beauty of it. Logo Wave levels the playing field where students and seasoned vets, freelancers and agency designers all come together to submit their best logo design work.

What is a "Wave"?

Each Wave represents 50 designers max. Just like waves in the ocean, it’s continuous. Once one Wave is closed out, a new Wave will begin and so on!

Does it need to be my own work?

Yes. We take this very seriously. Anyone submitting logos which aren’t their created work will be at risk for a permanent ban from all future Waves. Logo Wave International isn’t responsible or liable for incorrect or incomplete information.
The Nitty-Gritty Q’s

What are the file specifics for each logo entry?

  • 72dpi jpg, png or gif (RGB)
  • 900px wide x  900px high (in step with you Logo Lounge members)
  • Logotypes, symbols, symbol/type combination

How many logos can I submit per Wave?

Each designer can submit up to 5 logos per Wave. 2 or more logo entries per Wave are recommended to help increase your chances of winning.

Can I enter my unused client logos or conceptual work?

Yes! Your unused logos need to see the light of day! Breathe life back into those concepts you know are top-notch.

How will I know if I win a Wave?

All designers will be notified via email of the winning logos for each Wave.

What do I get when I win a Wave?

Massive $300.00 digital prize pack (Cash, Amazon or Apple gift cards)
• Your name, studio and winning logo forever featured on our Wave Winners page
• NEW! Official Logo Wave Certificate to print off and frame in your design studio
• Exclusive Logo Wave winning badges (Digital badges to display on your website)
@kcourtdesign and @mylogowave will tweet out winners to 18,000+ followers

What do the Top 5 Wave Winners?

The top 5 Wave Winners receive a set of top 5 digital badges, official Logo Wave certificates (specific to each Wave) and their name/studio/logo forever featured on the Logo Wave website.

Can I win more than one Wave?

Yes! Enter into as many Waves as you like as there will be multiple Waves throughout the year.

Can I enter logos I've submitted to a previous Wave?

Yes, feel free to enter logos you’ve previously submitted (unless the logos have previously been in the top 5).