Logo Submission

Wave #7 Open for entries

It was a cool experience and I definitely plan to enter more logos! The fee is low compared to other contests and the judges are legit…so, why not enter?!

– Katherine Howell-Kiser, top 5 winner, wave #5

Just having these judges see my work is a true honor!

– Del Mauricio, Founder, Aesthetic Philosophies

Absolutely loving Logo Wave. I plan to be a part of as many waves as I can!

– Jimmy Xander, Creative Director, ArkBM

Logo Wave allows anyone to compete with their best designs against potentially top designers and agencies.

– Sam Aylard, Top 5 Winner, Wave #2

Thanks for hanging tight

Exciting new changes on the horizon! Next week, we will be sending out an update with the newest updates to help raise the stakes on your Logo Wave experience. These changes will take effect starting in Wave #5.

A big “thanks” to each of you who have given feedback and suggestions along the way. We’ve listened, and can’t wait to fill you in on the nitty gritty. If you want to get updates with the latest and greatest, enter your email below and you’ll be all set. Hang ten!